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Workplace Learning For Humans: How To Learn As A Team, Own Your Training And Become Experts


This is a step-by-step guide for the Curio Cycle learning methodology, which makes it simple and motivating to learn anything.


Research into the ways we best learn has been conducted for over 100 years but most of us still try to learn as though our brains can perfectly scan and store information. Reading articles, listening to audiobooks, watching videos or attending courses are all fantastic ways to consume information, but we need to do more than simply consume information if we want to truly learn.


It's shocking how little of the science and research around learning actually gets used by the average person, and it's a shame we aren't taught how to learn at school.


The aim of the Curio Cycle learning methodology is to make it simple and motivating for anyone to learn anything.  It's been designed for anyone who is keen to keep learning throughout their life and sees the benefit of improving their knowledge over the longer term. The process is based on methods and techniques proven through learning research and combined in an easy-to follow structure.


This is the how-to guide for following the Curio Cycle learning methodology. You don’t need to be especially academic to use this guide and it was written for those of us who don't have a lot of time for learning during our working weeks. Not everyone enjoys reading a textbook, so each page is designed to be an infographic to make the information easy to digest.


The guide is split into six parts:



Part one contains all the theories about how we best learn. The theory is presented in a clear style and uses the analogy of a growing flower to make it easy to understand.



Part two contains an explanation of the Curio Cycle methodology and gets you familiar with how it will all work.



Part three gets you set up and ready to start. It has a series of workshops and activities which you will complete with your learning cohort and by the end you will be all set to start learning.



Part four is where the magic happens and is where you'll work through the four sessions of the learning process. These four sessions take you through planning, researching, practising and reviewing your chosen learning topic.   


This is the most important part of the guide and is the part you'll come back to again and again as you learn new topics. Each session has a choice of activities you can use to mix up the way you learn and keep it effective and motivating. 



Part five is a repository of all the activities you can choose from in order to work through the four sessions. All the activities are colour-coded and clearly marked with the session they belong to, so you can easily find the ones you want.



Part six is the end of the book and contains useful advice, references, additional resources and recommended tools and reading. 


You can use one guide between each cohort of eight or fewer, however we recommend each member has their own copy for ease of reference.

Workplace Learning For Humans - paperback

SKU: 9781399969376
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