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A better way to build expertise.

Combining group learning and employee choice, Curio Class makes it simple and motivating for your employees to learn the right thing at the right time.

Start developing employee expertise from just four hours a week.


Make learning relevant

With an infinite choice of topics, employees focus on learning what is relevant to their current challenges.

Boost motivation

By learning in social groups, employees are more motivated and actually enjoy continuously learning.

Create expertise

Through discussion and debate, employees get a deeper understanding of each topic and build real expertise.

Reduce knowledge fade

With engaging activities and timed review periods, employees keep their new knowledge for the long term.

Introducing the Curio Cycle. A perfect combination of practical learning research and agile principles.

The Curio Cycle combines the best research we have on how our brains consume, store, and use knowledge and skills, with agile feedback loops, to give your teams the freedom to focus their learning on what is relevant to the current challenges they face. 

See how it works

Review and refine


At the end of each Curio Cycle the cohort will complete the review activities and make changes for the next Curio Cycle.

Any questions?


Read through our Curio Cycle FAQs blog post.

Form cohorts


Your employees are grouped into cohorts of eight or fewer with similar learning goals. The Curio Cycle set-up activities get them ready to start learning as one team.

Choose what to learn


The cohorts decide what they want to learn each Curio Cycle and work together to complete the planning activities. With unlimited choice, they can learn the right topic at the moment they need it most.

Conduct research


Each member of the cohort follows the Curio Cycle guidance to find relevant and reliable sources of information on their chosen topic. This will be a combination of text, video, audio, courses, or even a chat with an expert.

Develop a deep understanding


The cohort uses Curio Cycle analysis activities to discuss, debate, pull apart and recombine the information they found. They develop real expertise in the topic and don't just memorise facts.



All cohort members use the Curio Cycle strengthening activities to practice using their new knowledge both within the cohort and in their real work.

Get Started

Get started with Curio Class

Whether you want to change how your team learns or transform your organisation, we've got you covered. 

  • Simple to follow how-to guide

  • Social and motivating

  • Only learn relevant topics 

  • Based on the research on how we learn

  • A repeating process for long-term learning

  • Attractive design and is not text-heavy

  • Lots of engaging activities 

For DIYers

  • Copies of the guide for each employee

  • Online workshop to help your team get started

  • Additional support for the first month

For your team

  • Copies of the guide for each employee

  • Initial consultation session

  • Online or in-person departmental talk to explain and promote the process 

  • Online or in-person workshops to help get multiple teams started

  • Ongoing support

For your organisation

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